Visits from the south

Τασος Ζαχαριάδης visited me this Weekend. He came to buy some machines for Tattoo and I kept him company while he was here. Saturday he slept at my place (after we came home from some late night drinking) and Sunday we hand around a bit while I wrote him a heckload of pr0n and then headed out for cofee.

We ended up at Navarinou Square drinking Ouzo with 3 girls, with one of which I had something going for a while at the Summer. She seemed very friendly once again.

After a glass or so, we decided to head out to the Silver Dollar where a friend of mine I met on the road notified me was a Rammstein night. Kewl!

There we met a hosts of people but the highlight of the night was one guy who I initially started talking because he thought Power Metal was retarded. Then after a while Τασος joined the conversation which gradually degraded from friendly talk about jazz to which instrument is better and if the Bouzouki is gtp. Now, I know I can be absolute and strong willed at times, but I am as agreeable as a girl scout in heat in front of Bon Jovi, compared to this dude. They talked for 3 hours on this subject and this guy followed us to the Souvlaki parlor in order to continue the conversation. I’ve never seen someone so obsessed on proving his point.

Yeah, ok dude, you’re an expert on guitar and can play popes, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the instruments don’t have a reason to exist. Jeez!