Napoleon Dynamite

A while ago while surfing the blogosphere I saw this movie mentioned. It immediately caught my attention because I was a big geek at school and I always had a special place for nerd movies.


Well, this one was nothing I was anticipating. The protagonist was a total looser, as was expected of course, but for the whole movie I kept waiting for things to change for the better, you know, in the classic Hollywood legacy.

They didn’t.
And that’s the beauty of the movie. It’s a movie about boring people having boring and all too mundane lives. The movie made me cringe at times from the way Napoleon was reacting to situations. I mean, I was a nerd but never of that magnitude.
In the end however I couldn’t help but cheer for the underdog.

This movie is a true “In your face” film against all those classic Teenage movies or Hollywood tripe like “The Revenge of the Nerds”. Although I was surprised on how boring it was at times, after it ended I couldn’t help but liking it (the 80s pop music helped immensely as well.)

I don’t think this movie is for everyone but it is worth watching just in case you like it.