Well, I'd never would've thunk it!

Well, it’s official. I’m a little stupid

The Stupid Quiz said I am

Heh, and I always thought myself as one of the smart ones. Leave it to the nerds to prove me wrong 🙂 Oh well

On other matters, the weekend passed uneventfully. We has would be barbecue on a friend’t house where I learned that one of our mutual friends has a grudge against me for not paying part of a tavern tab when all of us with the same name were supposed to pay. Problem is that something had come up the same day and I ended up coming to the tavern after everyone had finished eating and so I ended up eating just some leftover dish and some. Now he also knows that I’m not exactly rich and also that I gave away all the money I had on me at the time but still he feels offended. Well, I don’t give a shit in any case, if he has a problem he should tell it to me instead of talking behind my back (which incidentally is something I despise).

Now that I mentioned money, it seems my budget has hit an all-time low. It is the first time I ended up without cash to go out and I had to borrow from my sister…damn! Luckily I’m getting paid in a few days so that should be the end of it, although I fear what will happen with all the concerts I want to attend. I really need to start taking care of my money once again.

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  1. I think its all just a little misunderstanding . The best option there is to confront him/her and if still he doesn't understand you.. Its not your problem anymore.. at least your conscience is clear.. right?

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