Carnage Blender

I just found out carnage blender. It’s a game where you take the role of managing a team of gladiators and you take on other team constantly increasing your stats and abilities. It’s pretty addictive and it also sports a nice chat feature to use while you fight around. (I currently can’t due to the damn firewall at work 🙁 ). In any case I happily wasted a few hours kicking some butt until I answered wrong a bot-test question and got locked out for 60 mins…damn those letters are hard to make out.

Yesterday night something irritating happened at my outing. I went out originally by myself because as always I couldn’t find anyone to come with me. So I found a friend at the [tag]X Club[/tag] and hanged out near her for a while. She was there with her friends and at some point I said something that could be taken both humorously and as an insult to one of her friends. Well guess how she took it…In any case, I apologized if I offended in which her reply was literally “To by balls!” How’s that for woman’s grace. In any case I didn’t waste any more time with that bitch but turned my attention to the rest of the crowd. At some point later someone spilled a glass or something behind me, wetting even me. I didn’t give much notice until I saw said girl pointing at me. Confused I assumed they were making a joke or something so I smiled at which point she came with the same bitchy attitude and demanded that I pay for the drink that I spilled. Things degenerated quickly and I decided to bail out because she was both drunk and bitchy and I wasn’t going to ruin my mood for her. Unfortunately it seems she didn’t waste time to tell our common friend that I was to blame. I don’t know how it will develop the next time I see her (them?). Oh well.

The rest of the night sucked.