Browser Games

Well, I’ve started playing two games on the net. The Kingdom of Loathing is an excellent humorous MORPG that anyone should play at least once. Loads of fun and a complete waste of time to boot.
As I was looking to find one on the same style only a bit more serious and maybe with better gameplay I stumbled onto Strive for power which is very nice. However the fact that you can’t really play if you are not a subscriber (20 ap per hour is not enough to even move around) and that I can’t shell out the kind of money a subscription costs (it is only slightly less than a MMORPG) makes me search around for something else.

Now, I’m at work again and boredom is creeping slowly but steadily in. I have to check our network for virii and the tools never seem to work right. It seems one of them snuck into an unprotected win98 machine and started flooding the network with packets. The routers held but the accelerator puked and started doing whatever it wanted. A technician from it’s mother company had to connect to locate problem and trace it back to the original machine. Needless to say this was blamed (mildly) on me and I had to recheck all the machines for correct definitions and scan engines. bleh.
Now I have to send 4 laserjets to stores around Greece and I hate carrying.

My Linux enthusiasm has waned as well, I just can’t get off my lazy butt and find out why gkrellm2 segfaults all the time. At least Amarok seems to have stabilized since I started using the xine engine. It seems it was something to do with the alsa driver but the steps I took didn’t trace the problem.

Relationship is a mixed deal as well. I’m still hanging out with my new friend but it isn’t going to happen. There were some close encounters but unfortunately nothing special. At least an older acquaintance showed up and may be available for coffee soon.