So, I got married…

And no, before you ask, I don’t feel any different 😉

Yep, as strange as it may be, I am now a  husband. I wasn’t really planning to as I’m not a fan of the marriage tradition and the pratriarchical things it stands for, but I am only mildly opposed to to the idea so when my girlfriend insisted upon it, I didn’t care enough to oppose it so much.

We were planning for the marriage to happen in summer but due to various circumstances, this didn’t manifest. Thus we decided to just have a civil wedding this year and do the ceremony stuff next year, where we’d have more time for planning. The civil wedding was going to be kept very short and sweet, with only a few people invited.

And then came the subject of the clothes. My soon-to-be-wife categorically objected in me going to the civil service on anything casual and I stedfastly refused to use a suit & tie setup. As we were thinking of a compromise, an idea came to me and I was delighted that she found it exciting as well: A Steampunk theme. This way, I would both be wearing something that wasn’t casual or conforming.

So we set about trying to create an outfit for this day. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a lot for the actual steampunk stuff other than the victorian-era clothes and the goggles, but even so, I think the end result was good.

So without further ado, here’s some pics that I found very good. You can see the whole album here (If you get 500 errors, use the slideshow option from the drop-down menu on the top right. Should be more stable)

Here we are in front of the Romer city hall. This is the place where the German kings were crowned. As you can see, we’re a…diverse bunch 🙂

Here’s the two of us close up. I think the attire was a success.

This is in the “ceremony” and the actual signing of papers and stuff. In the first pic, you can see me giving this decision some thought.

This is after the wedding, outside of the building. Given the amount of marriages that happen there daily (about one per 30 mins) throwing rice to the couple is forbidden, or else by the end of the day, the entrance would be covered in it. So as an alternative, our crazy Russian friend, throw intra-cook rice bags at us as we were coming out. In the last pic, you can see a bunch of children which were completely surprised by the way we looked. One asked us “Why do you look so bad?”.

We were quite the attraction that day in fact. The Japanese tourists probably thought we were part of the setting.

These are from the breakfast and lunch times. We went for both one after the other so there wasn’t enough time to digest. However we did leave out some space for the cake, which as you can see, we tried to build to the theme as well. There was so much left of it, that I brought practically half of it to work for the people there to eat 🙂

So there you have it. Next year, we’ll have one more 🙂


Το πόσο με έχουν ξεχάσει οι περισσότεροι φίλοι όσο είμαι στο εξωτερικό δεν το περίμενα. Ζήτημα είναι εαν 6 άτομα μου έχουν στείλει ένα απλό μήνυμα.
Είναι λίγο απογοήτευση η όλη υπόθεση, ειδικά όταν στέλνω εγώ ένα μήνυμα και ούτε απάντηση δεν λαμβάνω.

Πάρε τώρα την κοπέλα με την οποία είχα μια σύντομη σχέση πριν φύγω απο την Ελλάδα. Αυτή η κοπέλα το ήξερε οτι φεύγω απο την πρώτη μέρα που την γνωρισα (για να μην λέει κανεις οτι την κοροϊδεψα) και όταν έφυγα είχαμε ακόμα πολύ καλή σχέση. Εκτώς απο μια φορα που την πήρα τηλέφωνο μετά από ένα μήνα αφότου έφυγα…τίποτα. Ούτε ένα μήνυμα, ούτε μια απάντηση στα δικά μου μηνύματα, τηλεφώνημα ούτε για αστείο και καμία απάντηση όταν πήρα εγώ τηλέφωνο. Αυτό είναι το extreme παράδειγμα φυσικά, αλλά με έκανε να γράψω αυτό το κείμενο.

Πικραίνομαι όταν άτομα, τα οποία δεν περιμένω να μου κρατάνε κάποια κακία, με αποφεύγουν. Με χαλάει όταν “φίλοι” δεν κάνουν τον κόπο να στείλουν ένα μήνυμα για να δουν τι κάνω. Για εμένα είναι φύσης αδύνατο να τους τηλέφωνήσω όλους, ή τούλαχιστον ήταν μέχρι τώρα με τους λιγοστούς οικονομικούς μου πόρους.

Τώρα που μπορώ, δεν ξέρω εαν θέλω…
Όπως μου εξηγεί και ένα παλικάρι που έχω γνωρίσει, στο εξωτερικό καταλαβαίνεις ποιοί είναι πραγματικοί φίλοι.
Όποιους περίμενε να επικοινωνήσουν στην ονομαστική του γιορτή, τον αγνόησαν και αυτοί που δεν περίμενε τον θυμήθηκαν.

Πολύ Λάρισσα

Την Παρασκευή, περνώντας τυχαία απο την Ναβαρίνου (αφότου έψαχνα για εισιτήρια και μετά βαριόμουν να κλειστώ σπίτι) πέτυχα τον Αντώνη, τον κοντάρο-sensei, ο οποίος καθόταν με 2 όμορφες κοπελίτσες απο την Λάρισσα, την Χρύσα και την Γιούλη.
Έκατσα λιγάκι μαζί τους αλλα όχι πολύ ώρα γιατι ήθελα να πάω σπίτι να ασχοληθώ με την python (μαλακία τελικά γιατι απλά έκατσα να παίζω παιχνίδια μέχρι τις 1)

Την άλλη μέρα, το Σάββατο δηλαδή, με πήρε τηλέφωνο ο Αντώνης ο οποίος βρισκόταν στην Ναβαρίνου μαζί με τις κοπέλες και μου είπε να πάω να τους βρώ.
Η μέρα, παραδόξως ηταν υπέροχη. Πολύ ζεστή και καθαρή. Ό,τι πρέπει για κονταρο-εξάσκηση δηλαδη.
Αυτοί ήταν ήδη εκεί κατα τις 4 που πήγα και τους βρήκα και τελικά κάναμε κονταριές μέχρι τις 9 η ώρα. Κατα τη διάρκεια μαζέψαμε αρκετό πλήθος απο παιδιά που καθίσανε μαζί μας. Άλλοι έτσι χύμα και μερικοί που ξέρανε διάφορα άλλα ζογκλερικά (μπάλες, flowesticks).
Πολύ χαβαλές γενικά.

Κατα τις 10, το διαλύσαμε καθώς οι κοπέλες έπρεπε να πάνε να βρούνε κάτι Λαρισσαίους αλλα δεν γουστάρανε. Υποτίθεται θα λείπανε για κάνα μισάωρο αλλα τελικά έγινε μιαμισάωρο.
Εγω απο την άλλη πήγα απο το σπίτι για να αφήσω το κοντάρι και να χαλαρώσω λίγο και γύρισα μετά απο 1 ωρίτσα.

Βρήκα τον Αντώνη να κάθεται μόνος του και περιμέναμε τις κοπέλες, οι οποίες ήρθαν και ξαναφύγαν για να αλλάξουν. Περιμέναμε μια φίλη του Αντώνη για να πάμε σε ένα πάρτυ αλλα αποδείχτηκε πολύ ακριβό και δεν ακολούθησα. Αντιθέτως βρέθηκα με την Λίλα αφότου με πήρε τηλέφωνο (πράγμα που μου φάνηκε εξαιρετικά περίεργο) και τελικά πήγαμε απο το κουρδιστό πορτοκάλι μια βόλτα.

Βρήκε γκόμενο λοιπόν. Δεν πειράζει, πάμε γι’ αλλα.

Μετά απο συννενόηση με την Χρύσα, που ούτε αυτή πήγε μαζί με τον Αντώνη στο “Lido”, πήγαμε και τις βρήκαμε στο Fun-Key μαζί με την Λίλα (που της είχα εξηγήσει οτι μου άρεσε η Γιούλη, και ήθελε να την γνωρίσει).
Καθίσαμε μαζί τους και σιγά σιγα έπαιρνα την εντύπωση οτι με γούσταρε η Χρύσα μιας και έτεινε να μου ποιάνει το χέρι και τέτοια πράγματα.
Τις πείραζα και τις 2 αλλα πιο πολύ ανταπόκριση έβλεπα απο την μεριά της Χρύσας, συνέχιζα όμως να επιμένω με την Γιούλη ωσπου σε μια φάση όντως μου έποιασε το χέρι και μετά, όταν ακούμπησα πάνω της με την πλάτη, ανταποκρίθηκε όπως περίμενα.

Παρ’ολ’αυτά, όταν βγήκαμε έξω ήταν πιο ψυχρή. Ίσως να είναι ντροπαλή, δεν ξέρω, αλλα τσαντίσικα. Δηλαδη, εντάξει, ποιανόμαστε χεράκι-χεράκι μέσα στο Fun-Key και απ’εξω δεν μπορεί να συνεχιστεί;
Τέλος πάντων, η νύχτα τελείωσε χωρίς φιλί.
Η Λίλα πιστεύει οτι πάει καλά το θέμα, αλλα εγώ δεν είμαι τόσο σίγουρος.

Το Βράδι είδα την Γιούλη στο όνειρο μου.

Την Κυριακή είχαμε κανονίσει να βρεθούμε για κοντάρι πάλι αλλα άλλαξε ο καιρός και ο Αντώνης είχε πάει και για καφέ με μία άλλη φίλη του. Οπότε έστειλα μήνυμα στην Γιούλη και την βρήκα στο Bolivar μαζί με την Χρύσα και ένα άλλο παιδί.
Πάλι ήταν σχετικά ψυχρή αλλα με κοίταζε με αυτά τα πανέμορφα μάτια της και τρελαινόμουν. Τελικά αλλάξαμε 4 φορές τραπέζι γιατι μία κρύωνε η Γιούλη, μία βαριόταν ο Άρης (το άλλο παιδί) και μία ήρθαν κάτι φίλες των κοριτσιών. Σε μια φάση, αφότου είχε φύγει ο Άρης, βαρέθηκα και ‘γω, και πήγα να βρώ την Ειρήνη που είχε καθίσει στο Snob (Ωραίο μαγαζάκι btw).

Τελικά δεν ξέρω τι θα γίνει με την Γιούλη. Εμένα μ’αρέσει πολύ αλλα δεν ξέρω τι συμβαίνει στο μυαλό της. Φαντάζομαι οτι κλασσικά, δεν ξέρει θέλει οπότε προσπαθώ να μην ασχολούμαι.
Τώρα ξέρω οτι θα είναι εδώ μέχρι και σήμερα αλλα εαν δεν κάνει τον κόπο να με πάρει κανα τηλέφωνο, εγώ δεν πρόκειται. Άλλωστε έχω και προετοιμασίες να κάνω.

"Θα μου δώσεις ένα φιλι;"

Αφότου ξύπνησα κατά τις 12:30 χθες, πήγα κατευθείαν στο 8-Ball club μαζί με την Δώρα και την παρέα της. Μαζί λοιπόν ήταν η Έλη, και αρκετές άλλες κοπέλες μαζι με κάτι μαντραχαλάδες.
Μια γρήγορα βόλτα στο μέρος μου αποκάλυψε τον Μάκη (Magic) και της δύο Blackουδες, Μαρία & Σοφία.

Anyway, κυρίως προσπαθούσα να ψαρέψω το εαν η Έλη με γουστάρει χωρίς να ξενερώσω την Δώρα συγχρόνως αλλα δεν κατάλαβα και πολλά. Δυστυχώς η Έλη ή δεν με γουστάρει ή ξέρει να κρύβεται πολύ καλά. In any case, αρκετός χωρός, έβαλε και ωράια τραγουδάκια αλλα τίποτα συγκλονιστικό.
Σε μία φάση πήρα και την Σοφία να χορέψουμε αλλα δεν ξέρω…αυτή η κοπέλα πρέπει να είναι απίστευτα ντροπαλή.

Τέλος παντως, σε μια φάση που και η Δώρα και η Έλη είχαν κουραστεί, πήγα στην πίστα και εποιασα ένα φίλο μου εκεί (Τον Rasta μωρε, δενθυμάμαιτονοματου) και καθώς έπαιζε ένα countyειδές τραγούδι, πιαστήκαμε απο τους όμους και κάναμε μαλακίες. Έτσι όπως είμασταν λοιπόν, μπήκαν και άλλες 2 κοπέλες μέσα απο τις οποίες η μία με έποιασε κατευθείαν αγκαλιά. Μετά τον τραγούδι δε, συνεχισαμε να χωρεύουμε για λίγο μέχρι που επέστρεψα στην βάση μου.

Την είδα αργότερα να έχει ποιάσει ένα μπουκάλι μπύρα και να το κατεβάζει μονοκοπανιά, ενώ της το κρατούσε ενας μουσάτος, οπότε έβλεπα για το που το πήγαινε η κοπελιά.
Μετα απο λίγο πήγα να πιω λίγο νερό και ήταν μπροστά, οπότε την ποιάνω και της λέω

Μια, συμβουλή. Μην πιείς άλλο γιατι δεν θα σου βγει σε καλό”
“Μα ήδη είμαι γκολ” μου λέει
“Καλά, αλλα μην πίνεις άλλο”
“Το όνομα σου”
“Χάρηκα που σε γνωρισα Έλη…”

Οπότε με ποιάνει να χορέψουμε. Δεν είχα όρεξη όμως και την άφησα μετ’απο λίγο.

Δεν περασαν 10 λεπτά και ήρθε αυτή σε εμενα, μπροστά στις άλλες, και με πήρε να χωρέψουμε. Ε νταξ βαριόμουν και ‘γω, οπότε την χώθηκα.
Σε μια φάση έτσι όπως είμασταν μου λέει:

“Θα μου δώσεις ένα φιλί”
“Θέλω ένα φιλί”

Την ποιάνω και’γω και της δίνω ένα φιλί στο κούτελο

“Όχι τέτοιο φιλί”
“Δηλαδή τι φιλί;”
“Στο στόμα”

Γαμώτα…γιατι δεν μου συμβαίνουν αυτά όταν δεν είναι μπροστά γκόμενες που γουστάρω. Σκέφτομαι τώρα, εαν την φιλίσω, πάει κάθε ελπίδα που είχα να κάνω κάτι με Δώρα ή Έλη, και άλλωστε έιναι κομμάτια και άυριο δεν θα θυμάται τίποτα. Δεν αξίζει…

“Άλλη φορά” της λέω
“Ναι ή Όχι;”
“Άλλη φορά”
“Ναι ή Όχι; Τώρα η ποτέ”
“Ε καλύτερα ποτέ τότε…” Γκρρρρ, και ήταν και γλυκούλα.

Ε μετά απο αυτό έφυγε και την έχασα. Ανακάλυψα οτι είχε κάτσει στον καναπέ πίσω πίσω. Έλπιζα να φύγουν ή άλλες και εγώ να κάτσω με την δικαιολογία ότι δεν θέλω να πάω σπίτι ακόμα και να χωθώ. Αλλα τελικά έκατσαν μέχρι να κλείσει.
Λίγο πριν φύγουμε, είδα την κοπελιά να την πηγαίνουν στη αγκαλιά οι δύο φίλες της οπότε φαντάστηκα τι έγινε. Too Bad, told her so…

Στο δρόμο αφήσαμε πρώτα τον Κωστή, μετά την Δώρα και στο τέλος πήγα εγώ με την Έλη στην στάση στην Εγνατία. Συζητούσαμε και μου έδωσε το τηλέφωνο της όταν το ζήτησα αλλα…δεν ξέρω ρε γμτ, δεν μου φάνηκε πολύ ενθουσιώδης.
Της είπα και την ιστορία με την κοπέλα και εδώ εκανα και μια μαλακία.
Αυτή όταν την άκουσε είπε:

“Γιατί δεν την φίλισες; Αυτή έφταιγε που ήπιε”

Εδώ η σωστή απάντηση δεν ήταν το “Είμαι καλό παιδάκι” που είπα αλλα το “Καλά ρε;! Τι είμαι εγώ; Όποια μεθάει έχει δικαίωμα να με χαμουρεύεται;”

Τεσπά, live and learn…

Vacation at last! (Part 3)

Sunday came up and found me trying to sleep uncomfortably in the tent. The heat was just oppressing out there.
After drowsily stumbling out, I took my friends and we went to the beach where I saw one drop dead gorgeous girl entering our company. Unfortunately during the course of my stay it appeared that she wasn’t interested in me (or any of us for that matter) and I later found out that she was in a casual relationship with one of our friends, the one they called The French. Oh well, at least her almost-perfect body and deep tan made for excellent eye candy. The day proceeded uneventfully to its end. At this point we had lost sight of Mazetas who we later found out had been hanging out with some newly arrived female neighbours. The KNE guys at the Cantina where I had started hanging out (mostly because Lena was helping there for 2 hours every day) told me that they had a movie planned for the night; it was an older Greek movie, a surreal comedy of sorts.
I also surprised some of the KNE guys by volunteering for a job without being a “comrade” (Σύντροφος in Greek) as they like to call each other. The work was easy, just unload a couple of cases of beers and it showed that you don’t need to be a communist to be good guy. The fact that two of their own “comrades” didn’t lift a finger to help, even after being asked to do it, says a lot.
After I returned they asked me why I don’t join the communist party to which I replied that I do not see things going anywhere and prefer to show generic discontent. As expected a big discussion on the philosophical nature of politics followed 🙂

The movie turned out so and so, although I would like to see it again. I seems to me that it need more than one viewing to appreciate.

After that, I hanged around a bit with Lena and then, after the sun came down I bought a small bottle of Ouzo and a lemonade, hid them in my deep pockets (Oh how I love multipocket trousers) and sneaked them into the beach bar.
Said beach bar was almost empty for some reason and even after getting drunk enough to dance (alright, wobble) to Greek Light Country music (Dog Music – Σκυλάδικα, arf!) I couldn’t find anyone to accommodate me. In one case a dude almost assaulted me for having the nerve to dance near his girl. It was a silly conversation actually (and now in two language translation. In Greek and in free English. yay!)

Greek Guido – Hey man, what’up? (Τι έγινε φιλάρα;)
Me – All’s good my friend. You? (Όλα καλά φίλε μου. Εσύ;) – Thinking that he is just being friendly and patting him on the shoulder
GG – Don’t you “friend” me man, what do you think you’re doing? (Ασε τα “φίλε μου”. Τι νομίζεις οτι κάνεις εκει;) – Removing my hand and getting obviously hostile
Me – What? Was that your girlfriend? (Τι; Να σου πω, κοπέλα σου είναι αυτή;)
GG – Yeah, cut the bullshit (Ναι, και κόψε τις μαλακίες)
Me – Hey man relax, how was I supposed to know? (Έλα ρε φίλε, και πως έπρεπε να το ξέρω εγω;)
GG – You’d better watch your step, yo! ( Για πρόσεχε…)
Me – Alright man, chill. I didn’t know (Ελα ρε φίλε ηρέμησε, δεν μπορούσα να το ξέρω έτσι δεν είναι;)
GG – Yeah, fine (Καλα, αντε γειά)

Now this was extremely funny to me because I could easily turn this into a fight. I so wanted to make him look like a wuss in front of his girlfriend for acting like an ass, but I restrained myself.
In any case the night proceeded dully with the only notable parts being me trying to dance with some girls and them semi-ignoring me, and then I laid down on the beach until my friends dragged me to the tent.

Monday arrived and I wasn’t certain if I wanted to stay or not. It turned out that Mazetas had not left the last night as he was supposed to, mainly because he had been having such a good time with his new acquaintances and some other guys that labeled themselves as The guys with the branches (Τα Παιδιά με τα Κλαδιά). After the morning (ok, midday) swim, I had one conversation with Mazetas where I couldn’t decide if I was going to leave with him in the evening or not. In the end I decided to see how the day would turn out.
Well two things made me stay.

  1. A KNE dude offered to put me in the cantina to work for a few hours per day which also meant free food. Since I was seriously running out of money, this was a very good thing.
  2. Mazetas introduced me to the girls and the guys with the branches.

Now, originally I only met the girls after I hanged out with Mazetas a bit and we met them on the beach. There were 3 girls there and a foreign dude, named Asem (A very appropriate name, it almost sounds like “Ασε με” in greek which means “Let go”. He was from the middle east and he was a real “masterpiece”. At some point, because of the number of metalheads in the party, we started singing “A Question to Heaven” by Iced Earth with two doing the angels and two singing the vocals. It was awesome (although the punks didn’t really like it)!
In any case, I had become a bit light headed in the process and at some point Kathryn asked me to escort her back to the tent to get her cellphone. It was kind of strange to me because I didn’t know her at all. To make a long story short, we made out on the way back, almost by chance as well.
We took our time and even had a walk through the camp before heading for the tents and then sat down on the plastic chairs in front of their tent to make out some more.

Now for some reason I seem to draw these kind of events. This is the second time a soap opera-like situation took place in my life (or as I like to call them: Φάση Φώσκολος). As we sat there kissing, at one point Kathryn exclaimed her joy that Asem, who has been buggering her all the time since she got there and wouldn’t take no for an answer, finally left her alone (her words were more like “Good riddance to the bad bug”) immediately after which I heard a zip open up behind me and then a voice…in a heavy arabic accent: “You little whore” and then all hell broke loose…

It seems Asem has returned disappointed to his tent (which he had set up next to the girls’) after we left and as was still awake as we sat down on the plastic chairs. Once he got angry enough, he got out.
I was desperately trying to defuse the situation before it got out of hand, when a bulky dude appeared, I don’t know from where, and asked if there was any trouble (he was trying to protect the girl I think). Kathryn and Asem were too busy cursing each other and so he turned to me

Bulky Dude – Hey man, what’s happening here?
Me – Man, it’s unbelievable. The Dude wants the girl. The girl made out with me. The dude heard us and got pissed off.

The dude blinked at me, patted me on the shoulder while nodding and left. 😮

In any case, Asem wanted his pass back (As I’ve said before, you can only get in Posidi if you are a Student or a Guest. Guest carry a special pass. Kathryn was Asem’s guest) and after he got it, I managed to drag Kathryn out of there to calm her.
We walked around a bit, encountered the black metal girls returning, made out some more and then headed out for the beach again because I had forgotten my shoes 🙂

At the beach, the fun had died down a bit. The black metal girls had left because one had returned and found her wallet open and out of her bag, they had a kind of fallout and left. We sat around a bit with the guys and were talking bullshit mostly.
We even invented a new Olympic game loosely translated as “cockettes” (Κοκορέττες) which is played like beach tennis but instead of wooden rackets you have big plastic watering buckets (Ποτιστήρια) and instead of tennis balls you have live roosters…don’t ask.

In the end, after most were on the verge of collapse or had indeed collapsed, we returned to the guys with the branches area and sat around until morning. I was planning on sticking around until 8am but at around 7am I got bored and went to sleep.

Thursday wasn’t very exciting. It turned out that I couldn’t work in the cantina because I wasn’t a comrade but I did get some free food from the guy that proposed it. We actually went for a swim together and with some of his friends. I Saw kathryn at night, after we had gathered at the guys with the branches and then we left together and went to the beach to make out. I am sad to say that it didn’t go any further as it rightly should.

Wednesday was the day I was planning to leave, after the morning swim in the company of Kathryn, I packed my things and along with the Tall one and the French Dude, we got on the bus.
Kathryn didn’t come to say goodbye and so I had to give my number to Spyros to transfer it to her.
Funny thing is that the moment I stepped out of the camp I started to feel tired, feeling even more tired by the minute. By a stroke of luck I bumped into a female friend of mine who had a birthday and which was returning from her friend’s house. The fact that I couldn’t contact her to wish her happy birthday because my cellphone was dead and that I bumped into her in the most unlikely place says something about fate. In any case, she was supposed to have a birthday party at the Dizzy Rock Club and I missed it. The reason is that as soon as I reached my house I was almost ready to drop dead. I actually had fever! A bath didn’t help much and thus I had to miss the birthday 🙁

Phew! That’s it…finally.
Back to the routine now.

Vacation at last! (Part 2)

Saturday (cont.) After an uneventful trip we arrived at Posidi. Now our way of admittance was by a way of sneak entry through a hole in the back fence. You see, Posidi is only for Students of a specific university and each student may bring in one non-student as a guest. Since we didn’t have any students amongst us, this was the only way in.
It wasn’t at all difficult to get in, however we learned after a while that things have started tightening up a bit. Camping security was touring the perimeter searching rogue campers and throwing them out. I wasn’t very worried at the time since we weren’t planning to stay long anyway.
Our original plan was to stay until Sunday night and then get out the same way we got in and head back…well that plan obviously went down the drain, and pretty soon as well.
During the trip, one of the guys we were going with announced that he was going to stay there for at least a week. Upon hearing that of course I wanted to stay too but I had only packed enough things for two days and so I was a bit worried. I also had very few money, just 50 euro, with me and I didn’t know if I could make it.

We found a spot near the guys’ friends and set up our tents there, got dressed and went to the beach to meet them.
It was a shock, everywhere I looked, young, nible female bodies were swimming, playing, talking or just lying down. I has to force myself to close my jaw. Literaly boobs and asses everywhere.
In any case we met some of the friends of the guys and specifically Ourania, a girl I came to like from the first time (Too bad she was so very fat), and then had a swim. Of course I didn’t have sunblock with me and the 6 protection of Kostas (the other guy I came with, hereon known as Tall) wasn’t very comforting.

After the bath we got to our tents beside which a few people had gathered, some I had seen their faces and one I knew as Ksi (or Xi). I took a normal bath and changed into more normal clothes, black trousers and a black sleeveless shirt which I left open because of the heat. And then the first interesting thing happened, one of the girls, which I later found out was Ksi’s sister, started looking at me…a lot. I was kind of invigorating. Unfortunately they left the same day and she also lives in Athens so there wasn’t much chance anyway.

Now there was a Reggae/Jazz/Whatever concert at the local cantina, which was run by the Teenage Communist Party (KNE) and we decided to hang out there originally before heading for the beach bar. We sat there making fun of the band (it really wasn’t very good) and drinking beers when the first surprise struck. A girl, Lena, which I had met while I was still with my ex, and which had taken an interest in me back then showed up again. She just walked up to me while I was sitting in my chair and asked me if I was going to the X club.
Now believe you me, I was overjoyed. I had been searching for this girl for quite a while after breaking up and I just could not locate her. She also seemed very glad to see me and we got to talking.
We talked so much that the show ended and my buddies left for the beach bar. I told her all about my ex and my adventures after that and she told me about her current bf and what’s she’s going through (not much). There was also much holding of hands and hugging which imho is good. In the end we decided to meet up again at the beach bar.

The beach bar was packed. Packed in the equivalent of New York Guidos. After I met with my friends i sat amused watching a steroid pumped guy dancing (or trying to dance) with a group of girls. The only thing that guy did was clap his hands. I mean, all the friggin time. He would stop for maybe one minute and then start clapping rhythmicaly again clap,clap,clap it was getting ridiculous and I think the girls were getting tired of it as well.

Lena showed up but she disappeared again and I was left literally hanging dry. The other guys retreated to sleep at about 2am and I was left alone. Luckily Ourania and her friends stayed as well so I at least had an anchor. But even with that I was extremely bored. The music (Greek light country music) is the worst kind for me and when it did play foreign music was for a little while and only the most idiotic beats around. I’m telling you, the DJ should be shot in the street.
Fortunately there was some eye candy around (Specifically a couple of girls from the ANT-1 radio dancing around semi naked) and so I had something to occupy me. Nevertheless I grew bored, took a walk on the beach and was about to leave when I found Lena again.
Unfortunately she seemed to want to pass more time with her friends than me, I didn’t mind much but I was bored. Thus I drank a glass of expensive cocktail, hanged around a bit and went to bed.

Anyway, more later. I’m bored right now.


This is really stupid! I just can’t believe how stupid women can be at times!
So I’ve been going out with this girl for the last week ALL THE FUCKING TIME and we have a good time ALL THE FUCKING TIME but when I try to kiss her she pulls away. She is not ready for a relationship – she says. She thinks that she will treat me badly – she says. Never mind the fact that we could be fucking married with all the time we’ve been spending together…

This is really, really sad. Why can’t a nice guy get the good girl he wants? Why do they prefer the jerk-kind of man and fall for them and stay with them for many damn years while I can’t hold a relationship for more than a couple of months? The fact that they seem to always break up because they “Have personal/psychological problems” or because they think that “I’m too fucking nice” for them (emphasis mine) is just icing on the cake!
I guess the only solution is to become a jerk myself. Yeah, that’s it, act like a nice guy on stupid chicks to get them to open their legs and then ignore them until they go away. Shouldn’t be too hard to do…only I won’t do it.
It may be the easy (sex) way but I just won’t lower my standards. (I’d like to see me say that a couple of years from now on the same situation…)

However this situation still pisses me off. If I can’t do anything with a girl that I know likes me, where do I stand? Am I too nice for my own good? I have a feeling that no matter what Diane says the dude is right…

Yesterday I was talking with a good friend of mine and he told me this little wisdom:

You must not be too perfect for a woman. If you do that you just let them walk all over you, and you can never hold out long enough. What you must do is make them happy with less. If you give them everything at the start they’ll start asking for even more later but if you give them just a few they’ll be happy when you do act normally, even for a little while.

(free quote, not his exact words)
I am not convinced that he is right yet, but if I don’t find someone to prove him wrong there is no other option…

There are no other news because the only thing I’ve been doing is hanging out with my new friend…buzz off!


Yestrday I met this very beautiful girl (she told me she used to work as a model and I believe her) at X club, as I was out with some mates for a drink, and we got to talking. After a while and after her friends dumped her we moved to Dizzy to continue. We chatted, we laughed, we touched and all in all my libido got some help. Now we talked through messages on the phone and decided to meet today as well. I don’t know how it will turn out but I sincerely hope it turns out for the best.

Interesting connections

Well, the last few days have been interesting. First of all I met a very nice girl and we went together to the theater (That’s a first time for me). It was actually a pretty good show. We has a very good time altogether this Saturday and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
My interest is once again waning on [tag]WoW[/tag], I don’t want to abandon my guild but if my excitement doesn’t pick up soon…
Now for the interesting stuff. As I was searching for the Greek Scandals of the Church that happened lately, I stumbled onto a site of a [tag]book[/tag] on the bible, The Great Lie. The examples where quite an interesting read and I mailed the writer to congratulate him on his work. After some mail exchange I decided to call him at home (he lives in Thessaloniki as well) and after some talk we decided to meet in person today. Some friends might be coming with me and I’m pretty excited about this.
Also I stumbled into a great site on [tag]atheism[/tag] that makes for a great read while at work.
Work has also been full these days which is good since I don’t like to sit around doing nothing all day.

It’s goot to feel good. I think I’m going to watch some Babylon 5 while I wait for the time to come.

PS: Oh, I also discovered Sonata Arctica yesterday. These guys are pretty good.