Defining Characteristic

I just read this piece which at the end has this specific thing to say

“I suppose we all do it to some extent, base our self-perception on a single characteristic and cling to it with every ounce of solid matter in our bodies.”

Now this is a very interesting thought and it got me thinking about what could possibly be my own “special characteristic”. I know for sure that isn’t something ephemeral like beauty or physique and it isn’t something like “being always right” or “perfect worker”, no. And instantly it came to me.

I’m Good

I define myself from my high personal integrity and generic altruism and consider that I do things in the best interests of everyone involved. I try to take the right side in every conflict, not lie and not badmouth others.
This is also where I attribute the good luck that I frequently encounter, sort of like a Karma effect.

As a result, there is no single most easy way to get me worked up than to insult my precious personal integrity. Call me ugly, stupid, lazy, whatever. I don’t care. But call me a double-faced, backstabbing lying sonova and you’re got a heated argument on your hands.
There is just no easier reason to make me do something than to call me egoistical for not doing it.

I don’t know if such a thing should be considered good or bad, but imho you can’t take the good without the bad and I choose to believe that the good in this case overwhelm the bad. If I had to choose that special characteristic, this would be my choice once more…well ok, perhaps “Sex God” sounds good as well 😉