Vampirefreak? Moi?

The last few days have been…interesting. Things have been turning up for the better and I couldn’t be any happier.

First a new road opens in my professional career, and just at the right time for my current psyche. You see, I’ve started to get bored and drudgerous which for me isn’t so good. Then as I was thinking of ways to spice up my life, my sisters comes and offers me an option I had previously turned down (at a time where I was happy with the way things stand). This time however it just clicked. Even my sister was taken aback for a while after I said “Great idea!”. She was prepared for a convincing argument and failing that, some good old fashioned name calling.
So I’ve talked to a few people and it seems that within 3 months things will be quite different. We’ll see…

I’ve also registered over at Vampire Freaks (VF Henceforth) which was a result of recent developments in my relationship tab.
However I’m neither a “vampire freak” nor a goth or anything like that. au contraire, I’m actually quite the happy-go-lucky guy with a perpetual smile on my face. I did make an attempt at a melancholy theme (and I even danced a bit at X-cel club this Saturday, just for the kicks) but my registration is mainly just a means to an end.

What I came to understand about VF is that it is a ego-boost galore. The fact that you can see who has rated you makes that the rating system complete off-base. People use it both as a bribe and as a threat. If you dare rate someone with anything other than 10, you’d be sure not to get a 10 yourself (and let’s not even dare contemplate what will happen if you rate them under 7). If someone rates you as a 10 on the other hand, he most likely ask you to rate them a 10 as well as a thanks, in effect throwing all unbiased voting to the wind. That’s why in the end, all the rating you see are over 9.5 even on truly ugly people.

As a result of my VF registration I also took the WoD [tag]test[/tag] and the result amazed me.
I mean, mages ARE my favorite WoD type but I didn’t try to be rated as one. I just answered the questions truthfully and what do you know….

You Are A Mage