Out again

So, after a long while I flirted again a bit but it was really more because of boredom than anything else. I went to a costume party, sort of, with a fantasy theme. I didn’t dress up mostly because I learned about it at the last minute, although I would have liked to dress like Caleb or a random warrior at some point, and I knew only 3-4 people there, out of 15 (small [tag]party[/tag]) and the place seemed almost deserted. Anyway, I started chatting with the waitress, she seemed nice but had strange taste in music. I think I could have handled that better but eh…

I’m getting more and more annoyed at some of my “friends” attitude. It seems they consider their right to act like total asses. I’m slowly starting to develop a zero tolerance policy on bullshit.

Still thinking about the ex more than I’d like. Fortunately is seems the frequency of said thoughts is decreasing. I need to find something to distract myself. I still get melancholic when I see loving couples.

I played [tag]Warlord[/tag] again after a long while in a pre-release tourney. I got last but didn’t care as I knew my warlord and deck sucked. However I was just too unlucky, I got the only warlord I didn’t want 🙁
Now I’ve made my Raziel deck even better and can’t wait to try it out. Hopefully it will be done today.

[tag]WoW[/tag] has lagged a bit and I’m growing increasingly bored with it. I hope my RP groups initiative revives my interest.
The RL friends group I tried to organize already is falling apart. One cannot play more than 2:30 hours per day and the other deleted his character at the slightest provocation…