3 Days of twirling

Since my new [tag]firestaff[/tag] arrived I haven’t had time to really try it out. Only once when I initially got it did I attempt it but it was a failure due to weather.

Well the last two days I’ve been going out to Navarinou square to remember my skills. I stopped going to Alexander’s statue because the port gets kind of windy and throws my aim off.
Anyway, while at Navarinou I see lots of familiar faces and a lot of people come to talk to me. Others want to try out the staff while others just chat with me. It is a new experience for me (being this popular) and I can’t say I don’t like it. The attention I am getting is invigorating. For my part I don’t act (and I hope I don’t in the future either) like a self-important egomaniac and strike up conversations with the ones that approach, especially if they are cute girls grin, but I’ve been talking to the occasional junkie as well.

Sunday was my first afternoon (or rather night) out, I saw a girl, Δήμητρα, that possibly likes me and I also met some new people, like a young girl just now getting into staffs, her cousin and a fat girl that challenged my skills vs her chains. I, unfortunately, also saw Αννα and her boyfriend as they came around to see the rest of the group that was around at the time. I met her boyfriend’s friend who seems a nice enough chap but her boyfriend seems reluctant to acknowledge me, even if we’re in the same group of people. Αννα of course pretends she doesn’t see me at all :/

I didn’t get to do much of training of Sunday because people kept talking to me, but I did do some serious mingling and meeting. I can’t say it came out badly.

On Monday I once again went to Navarinou square, this time a little earlier so as to have some time to practice alone. Later some acquaintances showed up and once again I couldn’t focus (what with them constantly wanting to grab my staff). The new girl was also there and she seemed extremely “friendly” as well. Δήμητρα also appeared after a while but she was waiting to go for a date with a guy she met over the internet. After a while she left to meet him and later came back with him and was wondering how to get rid of him (“he just doesn’t click”), at around 23:00 people dispersed and I learned that some had gone to Carpe Diem (A Cafeteria/Live Stage) and I decided to head over there as well. I was lucky and I bumped into Μαρία and Αναστασία, two girls I met at the X Club one time and I decided to hang out with them.

We chatted for a while until the Live begun (A progressive violin/guitar duet with very strange and loud sound) and we had to shout. Later Δημητρα arrived as well, she had decided to bring the dude to Carpe Diem where her friends were in order to make him uncomfortable enough to leave. He found an excuse to leave (obviously getting the hint) and she was happy.
After a while she, quite unexpectedly, came to our table, introduced herself and sat down because she was bored with the other guys.

The night went on wand at some point the girls left and Δημητρα pressured me to take her for a walk at Navarinou. There we found the guy that initially showed me the Fire Staff and he had taken some leaps in his skills. I know I need to get in touch with him at some point to learn some new stuff. Obviously he is training at the fokas park.
We hanged around for half an hour or so where I met Χρήστος (a guy I saw all the time at the X Club but never got around to meeting him) and had to endure Δημητρα’s attempts to play with the staff or the flower stick of some other guys. In the end we went to get her bag from Carpe Diem only to find the others had left. Fortunately her bag was still there.

Yesterday was more interesting. I had set up with the young girl to gather at Navarinou again but this time use live fire. I went over there at around 7:45 pm (after buying a long-sleeved shirt I really liked, one with claw like rips in the middle) and started warming up. Βιολετιά apparently had come downtown to see me and she sent me an SMS to go and see her. I had already told her I was indisposed at this time and did so again. I told her to come see me instead, and she did eventually.
Another friend also passed by on his way to private lessons and he decided to stick around for a while to play with chains and also another girl (The fat one that challenged me) came around. So we all lighted our things and had a three person show 😉

After the show, I saw that Βιολετιά had appeared along with a friend and we chatted a bit. I also did a small show for her but she didn’t seem impressed.
Me and Βιολετιά have a habit of teasing each other with mild insults and I think I may have gone too far this time. A while after the show ended I told her to “Bugger off because I was bored of you”. Now obviously I was joking but it seems she took it a bit too seriously. She left immediately and although the obvious choice at that point would be to run after her and apologize, I didn’t realize how she took it and so I left her leave. Later I settled it through SMS and cell phone but it was another chance to hang out together lost.

Anyway, the rest of the night proved interesting as well. I ended up making out with a girl and agreeing to keep tings light, and I also went to the supposed “Nevermore night” at Silver Dollar with Μαρία (The last and only person that could come with me). The music sucked however and after 1.5 beers and no winning lottery tickets we left. Apparently the DJ thought that Nevermore is a hard as Slayer, Sepultura and Cradle of Filth groan.

There is just one small sour thing in this whole story, the replacement staff had bended way too much. I tried to bring it back but first I am afraid of stressing it too much and secondly it never works right. Damnit, I’m seriously let down by this purchase. Although I like the fact that its flame lasts for a long time, this bending and breaking business is very annoying. I’m thinking of taking it to an Iron Worker shop to see if he can straighten it.
I swear to Bob, if this one breaks as well there will be hell to pay!

Agh, Damn you Gods!

I bumped into my ex two days back. It was like I was being showered with ice cold water. All I could do was stand and smile and say a few curtsies as she ignored me perfectly while talking to another dude about a visit to a doctor. She hasn’t seen me in 3 weeks FFS and she was supposed to have still feelings. Bleh! All fuckin’ lies I guess.
In the end I called her to talk and she was obviously not interested in talking. I left and then sent an sms expressing my disappointment. I truly hope I never bump into her again 🙁

RP guilds have started forming in [tag]WoW[/tag] and that is nice. I have enlisted in the Stormwind militia as their archmage but I also wanted to organise an antagonist so I started the Thrall’s Elite Guard. Still need enough warriors though.

Started going out again, my friend, [tag]Elt[/tag] has picked up a DJ position and this Wednesday I went to see him. His choices were awesome but unfortunately I was too tired to enjoy them properly. I’ll make it up to him this Sunday.

Out again

So, after a long while I flirted again a bit but it was really more because of boredom than anything else. I went to a costume party, sort of, with a fantasy theme. I didn’t dress up mostly because I learned about it at the last minute, although I would have liked to dress like Caleb or a random warrior at some point, and I knew only 3-4 people there, out of 15 (small [tag]party[/tag]) and the place seemed almost deserted. Anyway, I started chatting with the waitress, she seemed nice but had strange taste in music. I think I could have handled that better but eh…

I’m getting more and more annoyed at some of my “friends” attitude. It seems they consider their right to act like total asses. I’m slowly starting to develop a zero tolerance policy on bullshit.

Still thinking about the ex more than I’d like. Fortunately is seems the frequency of said thoughts is decreasing. I need to find something to distract myself. I still get melancholic when I see loving couples.

I played [tag]Warlord[/tag] again after a long while in a pre-release tourney. I got last but didn’t care as I knew my warlord and deck sucked. However I was just too unlucky, I got the only warlord I didn’t want 🙁
Now I’ve made my Raziel deck even better and can’t wait to try it out. Hopefully it will be done today.

[tag]WoW[/tag] has lagged a bit and I’m growing increasingly bored with it. I hope my RP groups initiative revives my interest.
The RL friends group I tried to organize already is falling apart. One cannot play more than 2:30 hours per day and the other deleted his character at the slightest provocation…


Wow! for WoW

Man, I haven’t had time to post just because of World of Warcraft. This game rulez (Ha! let me hear me saying that 2 months from now…*sigh*)
I’ve created my first character and then had to trash him because all my friends moved to the other RP server ARGH! Ok, that sucked but I’m starting to like the new character even more. Rogue Engineer Troll, (I wanted to play a goblin but noooooo) Trolls rock however and I need to learn to talk like a Jamaican mon.
Only problem is, there isn’t as much RP as I would like. I hope this is remedied as I advance in level.

Other than that, I haven’t been doing much these days, except yesterday when I went to the movies to see The Grudge…man let me tell you something about annoying audience. I felt I was back at kindergarten! It’s one thing to have one loud person in the room and another to be the only one quiet. I mean, it was a GOD DAMN THRILLER and people were laughing at all the scary scenes. It really ruins the mood 🙁
The move didn’t impress me too much btw, it had some script holes I didn’t like. (Such as the zombified Yoko. What’s up with that?)
I saw my friends after a long time as well.

I’m getting disappointed with the relationship as well 🙁 I think I’m going to bring this to a finish be that bad or good. I just can’t take the psychological pressure anymore. I mean, I’m playing [tag]WoW[/tag] and wondering why she’s acting that way. 🙁
She also played a scene on me where she would be calling by 8 and didn’t and then, just to check I called her by midnight (without caller id) and when she answered I heard voices as if she was out, then I called her house and she didn’t answer. The other day she told me she was sick and stayed all day inside and that her phone doesn’t ring. I don’t know which of us is stupid here…

I’ve left linux fall by the wayside though, too bad WoW doesn’t have a linux client 🙁 that would be awesome. I have to reboot every time I come and leave.

Compile Damn You!

Back at work and bored.
Sunday was BORING! I sat all day and watched South Park, and pretty soon I won’t have any more South Park to watch (but luckily there are other stuff).
At the end of the day a friend called me to play some Warlord. Crom! it’s been so long, and the rest of the day went smoothly (I lost a lot though, my edge is off)

Around 5:30 I decided to call the gf but she was sleeping. She said she’s call back. She didn’t.

Today, at work I was reminded that I was supposed to attend the company’s Gala (or whatever they call them) that I had forgotten entirely, ugh. Luckily they didn’t press the issue…too much.

So now I’m at work and waiting for my gentoo install to finish. Well, to be precise the install IS complete, but I’m waiting for KDE to compile and it’s taking forever. I expect it to last at least 2 days straight. I made a mistake saturday and the config crashed so I had to start all over again…grrr.

Watched an amusing flamewar on the Audioscrobbler forums, over female masturbation. One guy was owned 🙂 That cheered me up.

Nothing else to do, looks like it’s going to be a slow day. I’m anxious to see if she’s call, but other than that I’m bored. I’m starting to surf too much again, I hope they don’t audit me.