RP groups going live

So, the RP groups initiative is really starting to pick up steam. Already there a re 4 groups in the forming and mine is scheduled to play today. I’ve also started a new thread for reference to all of them.

I’ve started reading on this page these last few days and it really makes me think about the shit that goes on people’s thoughts. The most normal people to the outside can be one of the biggest emotional wrecks. The facade everyone puts up is simply amazing. It also made me feel better about myself, since I don’t think I’m like any of them. It also made me feel bad because I seem to have everything going for me, appearance, smarts, abilities, creativity, no traumas…I dunno, I guess I’m just incredibly lucky.

I played my Raziel deck on Monday as well, and it pretty much owned. My other decks didn’t do so well but that is the only one that matters. I really hope I can make it awesome…

Job is boring today, extremely boring. I just can’t stop checking on the [tag]WoW[/tag] forums. I’m afraid I’m going to be caught on of these days and lose my job. We are waiting for some outside company to make a review on us. I can’t listen to music 🙁

Yesterday some friends from the past appeared. Nuclear and Airness. Both old gaming friends from way back in ’96. The memories we had…
Both were adventure maniacs, like me and they both go to the same programming school and are hacking like mad. I wish I had the energy to do that. Nuclear said he could help me start. I hope my short attention span doesn’t get the better of me…again.

I haven’t seen my sister or her BF for a while but I know they are busy. I should phone them one of these days for a coffee or something.

I’m thinking of starting my own business. A NetCafe in a developing part of the town. However with no capital whatsoever and a job it will be rough. Still, I always wanted something like that and I want to turn it into a tabletop gaming store as well.