More Scriptalicious Photos


So once again I’m making a picture post both as to show off my new pics and also to check how well my new lightbox plugin is working. I used to have it before through WPG2 but with recent versions of it, it seemed to break my top slidebar so the navigation would not drop down anymore.


So the pics in this post are all taken from previous nights in the Final Destination Club. I just recently uploaded them to my gallery but I didn’t have much to say about them.


This time I was playing more with my new camera‘s low-shutter speed night shots and I managed to catch a few good ones with the low candlelight or the various glowsticks I brought. I also concentrated more in taking some shots of the nightclub (as opposed to just people) but without a nice tripod, the results were a little shaky.


I also tried my hand with some more artistic pictures of stuff which are not half-bad if I may say so myself 🙂


Generally it was good fun but unfrotunately the camera is not that good at taking videos in the dark as I wanted. I tried to film a tour of the club but I ended up filming mostly darkness. At the end, I ended up just taking pictures of dancing hawt goth chicks or just me playing with glowsticks 🙂


So, that’s for now. More pics in the future

Random Picture of me

Hah! I just found a picture that included my ugly face blogged into the livejournal of a guy I met at the [tag]Final Destination[/tag]. I have no idea what he’s talking about since it’s all in German and the translation tools available do a pretty crappy job (Something about Teutons with big smiles? Dunno).

I also liked the way he made those composite pics, It’s a nice way to save space in the blog.

Now I met this guy at the Final D. but only yesterday we started talking to any serious length. He seems pretty cool and he’s actually got a philosophy similar to mine. He’s also has a account 🙂

Now that I mentioned the Final…it was great yesterday! It was playing Kingdom for a Heart when I entered which really started the night on the right foot and later on the Power Metal just kept on coming. It’s just great when the DJ is wearing an Edguy T-Shirt 🙂 I heard two Sonata songs in one night which is more than I’ve ever heard in a single night club ever. Good times…