Agh, Damn you Gods!

I bumped into my ex two days back. It was like I was being showered with ice cold water. All I could do was stand and smile and say a few curtsies as she ignored me perfectly while talking to another dude about a visit to a doctor. She hasn’t seen me in 3 weeks FFS and she was supposed to have still feelings. Bleh! All fuckin’ lies I guess.
In the end I called her to talk and she was obviously not interested in talking. I left and then sent an sms expressing my disappointment. I truly hope I never bump into her again 🙁

RP guilds have started forming in [tag]WoW[/tag] and that is nice. I have enlisted in the Stormwind militia as their archmage but I also wanted to organise an antagonist so I started the Thrall’s Elite Guard. Still need enough warriors though.

Started going out again, my friend, [tag]Elt[/tag] has picked up a DJ position and this Wednesday I went to see him. His choices were awesome but unfortunately I was too tired to enjoy them properly. I’ll make it up to him this Sunday.