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To serve and protect

This is what you get when you give a lot of power to a small minority (and only to a small minority) of people in order to “protect” you.

We had to wait again, with the handcuffs on, in the bus outside the prison for about one and a half hours. One protester was begging the police over and over to be allowed to go to the toilet, but was continually ignored or refused. The protester asked if the police wanted him to pee in his pants on the bus floor. In response, two policemen dragged him outside, smashed his head hard against the side of the bus and told him something the rest of us could not hear. After this, the protester was dragged back on to the bus, still in desperate need of the toilet.

Fucking, fucking pigs!

I’m certain all of you will rest better knowing that all those scary pacifists are being practically tortured for your protection. We can’t have the unwashed masses crashing the party of the ruling elite now can we?

Copyrights beautifully point out for whom the State works for

Recent times have shown how little politicians care to follow on their promises and how crassly they use their positions to promote special interests from the Capitalist class. However, nowhere is this more obvious I believe than in the continuous reformation and amendments to Copyright laws. The latest example really takes the cake.

You just have to admire how little the US state even cares to keep up appearances of serving the people anymore. They don’t even care to bring up some non-corporate lobbyists around, even if it’s just for show and will get ignored anyway. They even go as far as kicking the press out when it’s it doesn’t present the bright picture they’d like.

This is like a textbook example of what revolutionaries are talking about when we say that you cannot trust in the current system to reform for the better. Here you have copyright laws, who have shown that they historically do jack-shit for promoting creativity and progress and actual harm it, that have a huge public rejection (just check how many millions are file-sharing copyrighted work per second) , that have been continuously increased in scale and magnitude based on false data and used to promote monopolistic practices, and the only people who are invited to discuss government policy on them is corporate lobbyists.

This kind of thing should really point out that States have very little to do with protecting the majority interests, even when this is provable via widespread public opposition and scientific data. And yet, for all this, in the face of Mikey Mouse protections and other such legislation designed to simply protect the interests of the already wealthy, Statists will blindly insist that a bigger, more powerful government is better for all of us.

I really don’t know if all the naked cronyism of the later US governments even register in the mind of people who still naively believe in it. It seems as if the US “Liberals” will accept anything as long as it’s from the Democrats and the Conservatives will accept anything as long as it’s from the GOP. They only remember to protest when it’s the other party that does something they don’t like. At best they may pathetically mumble a bit and that’s it for public dissent.

In the end, both sides simply accepted the naked power and wealth grabs the capitalists did by using the state. The various “wars for peace” which simply opens border for oil and resource grabs, the “war on drugs” which provides ample workers for the increasing private police nation, the foreign aid to dictators and right-wing “freedom fighters” who make their countries more open to US special interest groups, the anti-terror operations which more often than not target peaceful environmental groups and of course the laws increasing copyright and patent powers which directly feed the Publishing monopolies which are primarily USA located.

One does need to retain hope that freethinkers might eventually become cynical enough from all those crass sell-outs of their interests for the benefit of the wealthy. There’s only so many toes a state can step on before people band up to do something about it. Now it’s stepping on the toes of the creativity crowd, yesterday it was the recreative drug users, tomorrow it will be whatever thing you hold dear instead. Perhaps this will be a trigger to people radicalism. One can only hope.

Canada points out the accuracy of the "Golden Rule"

Oil sands mine or circuit board?
Image by mrjorgen via Flickr

“He who has the gold, makes the rules.”

I just read this article about how Canada is not only destroying its own environment and the health of its citizens but sacrificing its international goodwill by actively sabotaging all global environmental initiatives. Why would a first world and rich nation ever have to do something like that? Because of corporate power of course.

Once oil companies discovered that there’s money to be made in the tar sands of alberta, they flexed their political muscles and whatdayaknow, Canada was more than happy to not only help but actively oppose the rest of the world in their interests. Let me say that again just in case it wasn’t clear:

Canada decided to give the finger to the rest of the world in the name of corporate profits.

If that doesn’t clarify for whom governments are working for and which interests the state puts above their own citizens then there’s no hope. Again and again we see this happening and yet deluded Social Democrats and Liberals somehow think that the state is there to protect them and that the “rule of law” treats all interests equally. Well, I’m certain that all those people getting ill from poisoned air and water are accurately compensated. I’m certain that all those future generations who will have to live in a wasteland will not mind it at all.

But go on, just vote another president in 4 years. I’m sure he’ll be able to reverse all the damage done easily. Constitutional  “Democracy” will triumph again.

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Vestas workers now besieged and starved by police.

A critical point has been reached in the recent Vestas turbine factory occupation, as now the occupying workers have been fenced in by security guards and supporters trying to bring in food are being prevented and arrested by the police.

Things seem to progressing quite fast on that front.The reaction of the managers an the state has been swift and it has managed to prevent the initial organization of the workers of progressing any further towards a more solidified occupation or possible takeover. I do not know what to make of this really. Is it possible that the UK is actually taking notice of places like Argentina and being pre-emptive about it?

In any case, the latest development is disheartening. Unless the police and security grip on the factory is broken, the occupation is certain to reach an abrupt end once hunger takes over. People are already demonstrating in various ways they can to the government officials but this is unlikely to do any good if the workers are forced out of the factory either by force or hunger. What they really need now I believe is direct action on the premises. People must band together to either reinforce the workers or manage to pass them food. If this requires tearing down the fence so be it.

So I urge you, if you’re a socialist activist and live within driving distance of the location, consider going there for hand-on support. Contact the radicals in your area and urge them to put their words into action. If the occupation of Vestas progresses to something favourable then it might provide a spark and incentive for other UK workers. If not, an opportunity will have been lost.

Follow updates on the Vestas occupation from their blog.

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Are the USA heading towards a military coup?

This is the kind of Propaganda I’m talking about  – Image by fletcherwarren via Flickr

I’m seeing way too many right-wing secessionist alarms coming from the US lately and the trend is much too concentrated and much too supported to be extremist scaremongering imho.

The Army generals have already declared their distrust for the current administration and I’m willing to bet that the ruling elite are funding most of the secessionist movements. They’ve already uncovered that the “Tea Parties” and “Spontaneous Rants” were setup by the NeoCons so it’s not really a stretch to imagine that much of the rest is as well. We already know that Faux News wouldn’t fart without Murdoch’s approval so their latest stunt gives at least some credence to that theory.

Personally, I’m starting to believe that this is in psychological preparation for a military coup. They want a large amount of the populace supportive of a forceful takedown of the current government. I can’t really foresee how this will go down but I assume an increasing secessionist/revolutionary movement through astroturfing and viral messages, playing on popular disenchantment and anger.

Once the kettle has been brought to a boil, all it will take will be a crisis1 that will give the cause for the generals to step in and declare the government null or somesuch.

The sad part is how the “Liberals” of the US are joking about these threats as if military coups have never happened before. If anything, with the increased reliance of the US on Mercenaries under the control of private individuals (with very strong ties to the NeoCons) such a move would be impossible to resist through democratic means. The Democrats will still be thinking that this can never happen in the land of the Free while the fascist flags are being raised on the white house.

So I see this coming and it’s scary. The signals are all loud and clear. The secessionists are proudly proclaiming their plans for terrorism and nobody even blinks (while of course animal-rights activists are labeled terrorists and detained at the drop of a hat).The ironic insult to injory is that a very large proportion of the mess the US is in right now has been caused by NeoCon policies. And now that the opposition is in the rule, they are going to use the disaster they’ve helped create to push forward something even worse.

The most unfortunate thing is that the reactionary feelings of general populace are being guided into supporting fascists instead of being agitated to struggle for their freedom. If what I foresee comes to be, US Citizens will be tricked into exchanging a Plutocracy for a Junta or a fascist regime and all their revolutionary energy will be sapped once they realize the result they’ve helped accomplish (or failed to stop).

Perhaps it can’t be helped. The Socialism movement of the USA has been hamstrung through persistent and extreme propaganda to the point that the mere word is used as slander. As such, there are few people that can push the coming reaction to the right direction and while a crisis of Capitalism can turn people Socialist overnight, a sustained misinformation campaign, such as the one going on at the moment, can easily polarize in the opposite direction.

For your sake Americans, I hope I’m being horribly wrong on this.

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  1. I’m assuming a catastrophic economic event, such as a nationa default or the disuse of the dollar as the global exchange currency []

Going down…

…faster than a…uh…ok who can give me a good and humorous analogy?

Every single working day in the month of December 2008:

  • 190 U.S. companies filed for Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection
  • 4,950 Individuals filed for bankruptcy protection
  • 3,100 Homes went into foreclosure
  • 26,190 Jobs were lost and 25,035 workers filed for unemployment insurance
  • For the year 2008, the $6.9 trillion in lost stock market value among 110 million households represents a per household loss of $62,727. The $6 trillion in lost residential real estate property value nationally in 2008 adds $54,545 per household for a total of $117,272 in lost household asset value in 2008, exceeding by 27% the national household median net worth in 2007 of $86,000. (Losses were concentrated in the middle quintiles aka “the middle class.”)

Sweet titty-fucking Cheezus…

(h/t kevin)

SeaSteading or how rich guys want even more freedom and privilege

I am annoyed. I get annoyed when I read shit like this, telling us how some rich white guys are not happy enough with their (really well-off) lot in life, and just need some way to escape all their (multi-million) misery by founding their own nation of absolute freedom.

What a load of dicks!

When we have a world that is fast going down the drain, with millions of children starving every year, with hudreds of millions of workers surviving in subsistence wage and 16-hour workdays, with all the shit that is happening around us, creating untold misery and suffering, these amazingly lucky and  privileged people can only think of how to make their life even better.

Fuck the rest of us. It’s not like their wealth had anything to do with the rest of society. It was all created from the sweat of their brows.  So they have every right to take their ball and go (make a new) home.

For someone like me, who would like to see everyone in the world be better off, this kind of attitude makes me want to punch some rich geeks in the face. It makes me ashamed to even be in the same sector as them.

As always however it shows us that the ones who really support this bullshit ideology are the minority of lucky people who are quite better off than the vast majority of humanity and are quite happy to never help the rest. What else can you expect from shameless individualism of course. This is why the classic attempts they make are always escapist. From building new land they can use, to floating cities to taking over states.

But there’s also one more thing that bugs me about this Seasteading which goes back to the Libertarian right core concept of Homesteading that is necessary to avoid moral implications for their accumulation of wealth. The idea that one has the right to claim any territory that is not already claimed by anyone else. Can someone explain to me from where this right comes from and why I should accept it?

Anyway, I just needed to rant a bit after reading on how the rich feel so oppressed that they have to throw parties on floating restaurants to discuss how to escape their tragedy. And then they go for a fucking kayak trip.

2008 was an interesting year for USA…at least according to this guy

Even though not a U.S. American, this Year in Review is still quite funny.

The games themselves are dominated by swimmer Michael Phelps, who wins eight gold medals, thus putting himself on a sounder financial footing than the U.S. Treasury. China wins the gold-medal count, although critics charge that some of China’s 11-year-old female gymnasts are under the minimum age of 16. Chinese officials refute this charge by noting, correctly, that they have tanks.

Check it out 🙂

(h/t to the Barefoot Bum)