ECB ReadyYes, it’s true. I’ve been interviewed as well as part of The Atheist Spot’s series of Atheist Blogger interviews. Who woulda thunk it huh?

Born in Greece, he now lives in Germany, and has been in the tech industry most of his life. His site is not your average blog, ranging in topic from the his love for music to the immigration policies of Europe. His blog is an homage to how the power of technology to connect people and the pursuit of living a thoughtful life.

ECB Ready
Yep, that's me!
Yes, it’s true. I’ve been interviewed as well as part of The Atheist Spot’s series of Atheist Blogger interviews. Who woulda thunk it huh?

Born in Greece, he now lives in Germany, and has been in the tech industry most of his life. His site is not your average blog, ranging in topic from the his love for music to the immigration policies of Europe. His blog is an homage to how the power of technology to connect people and the pursuit of living a thoughtful life.

All I can say is that I’m terribly ashamed of making a boatload of spelling errors. I honestly don’t know what got into me. Seriously, it’s not that English is my second language, I generally spoke england very best. I think I must have been tired or something.

If I can't gratuitously spam you with my pics on my own interview, when will I? 😛
Anyway, you’ll notice that in this interview Lenny listened to the advice of commenters and customized the interview to my own interests and persona and as a result I got to bore you all to tears with Epicurism and tech stuff. 😛

Nevertheless, this kind of customized interview makes it very better for the interviewed person to give more details as they are writing about things that excite and interest them. I won’t hide that some of the original questions (that were replaced) left me with a blank. For example, I don’t have any favourite books on Atheism 🙂

OTOH, the new questions ended with me writing a goddamn chapter 😛

So, head over to read about my wonderful personality and then come back to tell me how much I rule/suck. I’ll be waiting.

More Scriptalicious Photos


So once again I’m making a picture post both as to show off my new pics and also to check how well my new lightbox plugin is working. I used to have it before through WPG2 but with recent versions of it, it seemed to break my top slidebar so the navigation would not drop down anymore.


So the pics in this post are all taken from previous nights in the Final Destination Club. I just recently uploaded them to my gallery but I didn’t have much to say about them.


This time I was playing more with my new camera‘s low-shutter speed night shots and I managed to catch a few good ones with the low candlelight or the various glowsticks I brought. I also concentrated more in taking some shots of the nightclub (as opposed to just people) but without a nice tripod, the results were a little shaky.


I also tried my hand with some more artistic pictures of stuff which are not half-bad if I may say so myself 🙂


Generally it was good fun but unfrotunately the camera is not that good at taking videos in the dark as I wanted. I tried to film a tour of the club but I ended up filming mostly darkness. At the end, I ended up just taking pictures of dancing hawt goth chicks or just me playing with glowsticks 🙂


So, that’s for now. More pics in the future

Flower Power

Aaah, finally I had one nice relaxing week of vacation. Specifically I went to Viola’s Village and we stayed with her mother who has also an amazing garden. Thus I had the opportunity to test my new camera to see how well it funky function to take flower pictures works.

Some of the the results are below:


Oh did I also mention that the Garden is amazing?


We also went for a walk in the forest around the place and I got the opportunity to see wooden mushrooms, duckies and play around with wood photographs 🙂


Generally it was all around good fun and I got to play around with my m4d photographer skillz. You can the whole collection of pics at the gallery as always but I also uploaded some of, what I think, are the best at my Deviantart profile. So if you’ve got one of there, go and comment (or just do it here 😉 )


For a total amateur, these are not half-bad.

…if i might say so myself.

So as I was returning from my german lessons and since I happened to carry with me my new camera to take pictures of coworkers) I decided to take a stop at the Alte Oper and test out my night-shot, low-shutter option,

I think the result is pretty decent but I’d love to hear your opinions.


I also decided to try out my hand at compiling a Panorama. Like the Real-Man(tm) that I am, I also decided to go for the hard stuff on the first try, so instead of combining 3-4 shots, I took a whole 360 view at a slow shutter speed…without a tripod (Unless you count my bicycle saddle).

The Result (after nearly killing my computer) is nice enough methinks.


Even though, judging from the individual photos, I did not assume that the end-result would be good. You see, not only were some of the pics quite blurry or a different lighting, but I also managed to take shots that left me very little common space between the pictures to work with.

Nevertheless, Hugin pulled through admirably (Free Software FTW!) and even though one corner had to be cropped, and the top has some blank spots (only because I did not want to crop even more) the colours actually match and you cannot really see any major glitches.

My next goal is to actually take the same pic with a tripod and patience 🙂

Candles and Smoke

Disclaimer: This is mostly a test to play with my wpg2 enabled lightbox plugin as well as display photos rather than a normal blogpost 😉

So last Sunday, as always me an Vio visited Sam’s place as has become the normal for the group in the last few weeks. I don’t usually joing as I just can’t understand shit of what they are saying in German. It’s not just that they talk fast, but they tend to just eat half of the sentences while replacing the other half with slang I am not familiar with. Meh!


This is actually the reason why I do not join such excursions that often. I just know that I’ll not be able to take part in the discussion, will miss all the jokes and generally, other than being in the presence of friends, miss the rest.


Thus it needed a specific incentive to get me to join, and this was Munchkin. I was actually hoping to play a game or two this time since it’s been a while since last I did. So I took my handy bag (which is doing a disintegration act due to the sheer weight of the cards) and my new shiny camera, and headed there.


Unfortunately it didn’t happen after all. It pretty much evolved as I assumed, with everyone talking except me 🙁 Fortunately I had hugs and a nice gadget to keep me occupied. I wasted my time playing with the camera settings and taking pictures of whatever. I still haven’t managed to discover how to take nice long-exposure photos (Too many options of photo stuff confuse me), but I’m getting there.


In the end, I ended up falling asleep in Viola’s knees for, from what they tell me, 1.5 hour. I woke up late enough that nobody really was interested in playing Munchkin anymore.

Oh well. At least I got to show you all my new photos 😀

New Camera

Finally, after quite a long time of using my crappy mobile phone’s camera, I’ve decided to buy one that can take a picture worth a damn.

True, part of that decision was my girlfriend finally getting too exasperated with me always complaining about the crappy pictures I took with my mobile.

Anyway, generally I am pretty ignorant about digital photography or photography in general. I’ve never actually owned a camera and before I came to Frankfurt and bought a new mobile, most of the pictures I had where from one-use disposable cameras who’s quality just might have been worse than my mobile.

Not knowing anything though, all those features and option just confused me. I just wanted something that is good at taking pictures at low light and I don’t really care about the Megapixels provided (Mostly because I’ve read that Megapixels do not necessarily equal with quality)

Fortunately, Planet atheism came to the rescue and I happened upon the blogpost of Geoff Arnold who was impressed with a specific model. Fujitsu FinePix f50fd. Now even though I didn’t plan to buy a camera back in July when I read it, I was wise enough to save a bookmark for the time when I would want to buy it.

The time came this week so this was the first thing I researched. Turns out that it was exatly what I was looking for as this specific model series are actually praised for their ability to take low light pictures. Seeing that the price had dropped to almost 200€ I decided to just bite the bullet and get it.

So I did. And now I’m gleefully playing with my new shiny gadget 😀

Here’s some samples I took in my gf house 😀


Some borrowed stuff

Viking RoarI finally registered on StudiVZ after the prompt of Viola and checking out the photos of Wacken I found quite a few of them that I just had to have for myself. I tried to download them but StudiVZ has a very stupid idea to stop people from downloading, by redirecting the actual file link to an empty .gif file. However this cannot obviously stop anything, but rather delay and annoy me. I just printed the screen, pasted it into GIMP and cut the part that was of interest. Of course that meant that the picture was only as large as StudiVZ’s small window, but it’s better than nothing. To this end I’ve created a new dandy album with all of those for you to admire me once again 😉

FirebreathingSome of the best pictures were taken by Anton who just took one amazing Firebreath pic of me in my last show, among others. I just can’t believe how good this looks :D. I guess that’s what happens when the photographer is a professional.

He also has some newer ones uploaded from the recent BBQ but I’ve still to…borrow those 😉

In any case, well done Anton 😉

Shout to the heavensI also saw some more cool ones taken at the Final Destination as well at the [tag]Wacken[/tag] Warm-up party and I just could not resist making a copy for me. Some of them are just so well shot 😀

So go and have a look at the new stuff.